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The first movement of A Sadly Diminished World
a sonata after Shostakovich for cello and piano




Paul Sarcich currently teaches the following courses at Morley College, London:

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Orchestral Conducting
A one-year course focusing on laying the foundations of a solid conducting technique. Classes comprise Friday night “theoretical” sessions and practice with a volunteer orchestra on Saturday afternoons.
Entrance by interview – candidates should show a solid knowledge of music reading and theory.

Fridays 6-8pm, Saturdays 2- 5pm

Downloadable PDF file of the term 3 2015 orchestral schedule


Musicianship 1
A one-year course in music literacy skills, covering reading, writing, performing and listening.

Mondays 1.30-3.30pm 

Musicianship 2
A one-year course focused on Harmony and Counterpoint, including melodic writing. Students' own writing will be developed alongside analysis of  repertoire works and exercises in specific harmonic and contrapuntal techniques.
Candidates should have a good basic knowledge of chords and scales, and be reasonably fluent in reading and writing standard music notation.

Mondays 10.30am-12.30pm

Orchestration and  Arranging
A one-year course in orchestration and arranging/transcribing for small and large ensembles, encompassing symphonic, chamber, jazz and commercial styles.
Entrance by interview – candidates should show a solid knowledge of music reading and theory

Thursdays 7.30-9.30pm

A course in analysis and writing of popular songs, with student performance where possible. Students should have a good basic knowledge of reading and writing music notation, and/or operating sequencer programs; and a good basic knowledge of harmony. Both musical and lyrical aspects of songs will be covered, in as many styles as the tutor and students bring to the course.

Thursdays 4.30-6.30pm (Access students only)

Saturdays 11.00am-1.00pm (all other students)

Course currently in suspension











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