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One Minute Wonders

One Minute Wonders

Score Sample (PDF file)

A set of Preludes in 24 keys.

These are intended to be teaching rather than concert pieces, but that does not
preclude concert performance.

- to provide a set of studies in 24 keys, each about 1min in length
- to write in traditional forms but give them a contemporary edge
- to provide exercises in particular techniques and styles
- to make the pieces challenging but not unattainable for piano students who are
at intermediate passing to higher level
- to make the pieces somewhat quirky and “unpredictable” as part of the challenge

The somewhat tongue-in-cheek mottos at the heads of some of the pieces are there to
encourage a sense of fun in the approach, even though each piece is a serious exercise
in style, form or technique. They are however, open to experiment on the part of the player.

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